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May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day everyone. I imagine there is reason to celebrate whether you are a mother or not for without a mother you would not be reading this. But on this special day we do well to honor our mothers. We who are grown can appreciate the sacrifice and tenacity it takes to be a mom and we who have children at home can appreciate the endurance and grace it takes every day.

As we've seen so beautifully in the scriptures this week, mothers who step forward bravely are women who see the generation to follow be formed and challenged. I just want to encourage you that you are making a difference and it is no small thing. You hold the future in your hands. You are more than likely the heartbeat of your family and nothing is wasted. It's all worth it. Well done.

This week we pack our suitcases again (wait I've never even unpacked mine) and head by road this time to New Mexico. Stops along the way will include OKC, Dallas and many points in between. The Creative Retreat that I participate in with friends and comrades here in Nashville will take place in Santa Fe at the end of the week. This particular retreat was a study in tenacity and obedience for us. We almost cancelled it but Jesus seemed to be saying to press on. We did and ironically it looks to be even better than was originally planned.

If you're on the West Coast or are looking for an excuse to get away with God, there is still room and you can come. Email me at brian@dailyaudiobible.com and I'll get you some detrails. You'll have to be in Santa Fe Friday afternoon and we'll conclude Sunday around 3PM. If you're not coming, pray for travel safety and that everyone in attendance would have an experience that shapes what comes next for them.

I love you all. Happy Mother's Day.

Onward Comrades,


Brian Hardin, 5/11/2008

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