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May 25, 2008

This past week has been a tough one. I've faced some things that I now attribute to spiritual warfare that I would have blown off has simply hard times in the past. I'm basically a, "roll with the punches," sort of fellow but last week felt like I took a couple serious ones on the chin.

Warfare isn't one of those things we sit around and talk about with all that much authority because it's mysterious and mystical. We like reason. We'd rather chalk things up to circumstance. In a way this is playing into the evil one's hand because the more he can throw our way and blame it on something or someone else the quicker he can defeat us.

I talk a lot about community here. We all do because we feel it in spite of the obstacles of being virtual. I can tell you that it does matter. If I had been alone last week that's exactly what I would have been....alone. Being able to deal with things in a company of brothers and sisters makes all the difference. I'm basically a loner by nature. I've noticed of the last two and a half years that the DAB community has many members who have found themselves wounded by life or the church and have largely given up on community but are not quite willing to give up on God. Bravo. That was me and what I am learning from the scriptures is that we cannot survive alone because we are all part of the same body. It's like the scene in Gladiator where the prisoners are about to go into the Colluseum to be killed as a part of the weekends entertainment. The leader of the group says, "We have a much better chance of survival if we work together. If we stay together we survive." So from one loner to another, plug in somewhere. If I am in your earbuds everyday then we have that point of contact and it's fantastic. Look for more. Consider your heart again. Think about trusting again. We cannot make it on our own.

On a completely different subject: Congratulations to Jason (BibleBlogger) and his new wife Amy on their marriage. We pray the blessings of God over you and the joy of Christ in this week as you transition into this new chapter in your journey. We're so happy for you. Send pics!!!!

Onward Comrades,


Brian Hardin, 5/25/2008

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