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Robster49er 11/19/2015 06:37
Am keeping her in my prayers!
JT 11/22/2015 07:08
I'm praying Colin. I'm praying for all of you. We know deep down God has this under control we just pray to Him that He cover this family with peace and strength and that His army of angels surround this loving family. In Jesus name.... Amen.
Colin 11/26/2015 03:12
Thank you both for your prayers. We had the appointment with the consultant yesterday and he is happy to operate on both the areas of cancer in her neck and on her tongue which is very positive. Then he mentioned about potentially needing to operate again 6 weeks later likely followed up with radio/chemo daily for 6 weeks after that. Please pray for the guiding hand of God to be given to the surgeon when he performs the operation and that if it is Gods will the operation can take place on 1 Dec otherwise it likely to be 15 Dec and getting the cancer out sooner would be much safer if possible. If the 1st isn't possible then God to continue to contain the cancer so it does not spread. Thank you for your support it means so much to know others are praying with me and my family. Will keep you updated. Colin
Robster49er 11/28/2015 08:28
Praying that God answers your requests. That God gives favor for the timing and scheduling of the surgery and that He contains and reduces the cancers themselves!
JT 11/29/2015 19:19
Continuing with prayers Colin
Colin 12/10/2015 03:44
Just wanted to share an update. My mums operation is due on 15th Dec so we continue to ask for Gods blessing on our family and that the surgery will go well and the cancer has not spread any further. Thank you.
Kris 12/10/2015 13:52
Praying for your precious Mother.
Colin 12/17/2015 03:10
My mum had her operation on Tuesday and the surgeons were pleased with how it went. There were no complications and so although the operation was long, she came back up to the ward and was able to speak straight away which was amazing - praise God. She is able to come home today which again is a huge answer to prayer as this is only two days after the operation when they said it could be up to 10 days. God has been so good to us. Please continue to pray as we go back to hospital on the 23rd dec to hear the next steps around further operations and treatment. We pray that the operation cleared all the cancer from her body and that she is now safe from harm. We ask that if further treatment is needed it is to wipe out any cancer that remains so she can live many more years and enjoy her grandchildren. Thank you to everyone who has stood with us and continues to pray with us. Colin
JT 12/18/2015 12:24
Great praise report Colin. Wish your mum a speedy recovery. She is in my prayers. Praising God!!
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