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Praise and 2 prayer requests....
I requested prayer a week or more for our son who's employer fired him - he was in the room when another employee did something that he probably did deserve to be fired for - but the other 2 employees in the room were also fired even though they could see from security footage that they were not participating. He applied at 2 employers last week and was interviewed by both. One has made a job offer, so that is a huge praise because we are getting into the depths of trying to file unemployment and that system is very frustrating. So my first prayer request is that he would be successful at this new endeavor - it will definitely be an easier job than he had before physically - but it may require a little more brain power - so pray that he stays focused. and his other issue - is that something that he has been doing for years now - a sport -this job will interfere with practice for that. now they work 4 10 hour days even though the company works 5-6 so I told him to ask if his day off during the week could be Wednesday so he could still participate. pray he finds the courage to ask and receives favor in his request as i feel this would be one thing that would really discourage him from doing well in this job. And next would be that I have had a cold for several weeks now and just about the time I start to think it is getting better and will be gone - I get a set back and get much worse. WE are planning to go to my SIL's for Christmas day and she has a couple very young children and I feel bad about going at all and i upset my mother-in-law yesterday when she called and asked me to bring my camera so we could do a family picture which means getting 25 people placed, looking and smiling and i said - I would see as i don't feel good and that if i don't feel better by then - we will probably eat and run. thanks as always.
JULIA MI 12/23/2015 08:51

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