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Hi I really need prayer for my dad and my family. My dad is in jail and is going to be in jail for Christmas and even part of the new year. He has diabetes and is a Jehovah's witness so also please pray that he finds the truth found in our Lord and savior Jesus. And my family in the Desoto/Lancaster/Cedar hill area because things just seem to be going downhill. 2 of my nephews who live in that area are highly addicted to drugs and alcohol and not saved. So please please please pray that the Lord speaks to them as well. I love my family with all of my heart and so it breaks every time I hear of this. Thank you and please pray.
Aliyah Leffall 12/23/2015 23:13

n/c j 12/24/2015 14:56
agreeing with you alliyah!
JT 12/24/2015 22:16
Praying Aliyah
Lewis 12/28/2015 12:58
I pray for you that you will be giving grace sufficient for all your needs. Also that God will fill with peace and joy through the Holy Spirit. Know that God is with you and know the deepest cares and concerns of your heart. I pray that while you father is in jail he will be confronted with the truth of God's Word and the lies that has blinded him to truth of Jesus will be removed. I pray that he will have an encounter with the living Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that your nephews will be confronted with their addiction and that God does what ever is necessary to bring them to a saving encounter with Jesus. May they know Jesus who truly can be the need of their heart that the drugs cannot. I pray that the bondage they are in ber broken through the power of Christ living in them. Keep praying holding on to Jesus.
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