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Please for my brother Arturo
Dear DAB family,
Today is my 40th birthday. I was very lucky to have share this day with family including my parents, my sister and much of my extended family except for one very special brother who is in prison right now. More than a year ago, I have asked you all to pray for him as he was going through the trial. Well, he is now serving time for what we all, including his lawyer, consider to be a very unfair decision based on no real and substantial evidences. For those of us who know the case well we feel deeply sad he's going through this.

Dear family. I don't call because of my introverted and shy personality. But I do listen to Brian and your prayers and I pray along with you all. This whole ordeal has devastated my whole family. Arturo's house is in foreclosure. My parents whom are consider poor are leaving in it. I am oversea working Switzerland and providing for the financial support needed for everything including the appeal which has also very unfortunately been partly the reason for my failed marriage here about one year ago.

The appeal is now under way. We received good news that the case has been sent directly to the supreme court of the State. We need prayer that our perfect and loving God will move his Holly Spirit throughout all of these proceedings and things to come to drop the criminal charges and give my brother victory. For the glory of God and not of men.

I thank you for your prayer's. Ever since this whole thing started we've all witness a very big transformation in Arturo's life and he's love for Jesus. He started praying for others in the different prisons he's been moved to right from arrival (the green mile) i think is called. He has led people to Jesus as well, and I know he's heart and mind are in the right place with God and he is eager to get out and let God do his will with him.

Again. Big thanks on behalf of the whole family!

And a Very Merry Christmas to all!



Julio 12/25/2015 20:02

JT 12/27/2015 17:48
Praying for your brother, you, and all your family Julio, as you all journey through this tough season of life. I do praise God that your brother has come to Christ. Such a silver lining shining through.
Katherine White 12/28/2015 04:52
Praying that the Lord will not only be the source of strength for your brother while he is doing time but also for him whenever he faces setbacks or when he gets his freedom back. I have watched my grandson go back and forth. He too is doing time but we thot he was ready to serve Jesus when he got out last time. The cares of the world and association with former friends choked out the things of God. So brother I am praying for the right time and the right season for your brother; the orecise folks to be put in his path that will change his life for eternity. I am praying that he will come in contact with a mighty move of the Holy Spirit that will regenerate him and sanctify him so that he has NO drawing to the things of earth ever again but only to those things that have eternal value. I am praying for death to self and life in Christ alone. That he will say like Paul...for to me to live is Christ and to die is gain. Hallelujah!
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