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Family in crisis- how do we go forward?
Hi DAB family. This is my first time on the prayer forum. I have tried a couple of times, but my emotions are too raw to call in a prayer request without breaking down, so I'm asking if one of you who regularly call in to the DAB prayerline would pass my request on. Here it is:
This is Purely Pampered in Maine. Although this would be my first time calling in, this is my 10th year listening through the Bible and praying for the spoken and unspoken prayer requests of my DAB family. Family will you please cry out to God for us as we face life's greatest challenge so far. My husband and I are having much difficulty finding a way forward. Our 29 year old son who is married and has our precious 1 year old grandson, recently made a suicide attempt, then checked himself into a psychiatric hospital for a week, where the professionals there helped him determine that he was a man living in a woman's body. He has now changed his name and is going through the process of transgendering into a female. He and his wife are divorcing and his wife, who remains his best friend, is very supportive as are all of his friends. He has rejected what he now considers the entrapments of Christianity. If you have any particular words of encouragement or scripture for us to cling to, we could sure use it, but mostly we need your prayers. Thanks family. Thanks to our resident poet, insightful Tony, to each of the prayer warriors we all know by name and all those like me that are behind the scenes that we don't know your names.
purelypampered 12/28/2015 08:30

diegonomad 12/28/2015 09:26
Hello Purelypampered.

I wish I had some brilliant sage advice, but it seems you already know what to do, pray. Lord, we thank you that this young man's suicide attempt was unsuccessful. We praise you for this life you created, your son. You know we live in some confusing times, dear God. Please, Lord, help this family to know how to deal with this complicated situation. Be with purelypampered and her husband, help them to have the wisdom of your Holy Spirit in answering tough questions and in ministering to their son. We praise you that you are Lord over all things, bigger then all things. We praise you that there is no depth that this young man can go that will be too far from you. If it's your will, please stop him from making any permanent changes. Help him to pause and be open. Help him to see how freeing and loving your gospel of grace is. Please, be with his wife, minister and comfort her. Please help her to cling to you and be guided by you and to have a good relationship with purelypampered. Please be with this young child, as he grows. Write your name on his heart, even now. Incline his heart to your truths as they are and will be taught to him by his loving grandparents. Again, Lord, we praise you for being infinitely greater than even our heaviest problems. Do your work, God of the Universe. Amen
Helovesme 12/28/2015 11:02
Hello Purelypampered,
I pray that God intervene and heal your son in Jesus name, and that you continue to be strengthened by His love and grace. He understands the pain you are feeling, and also the pain and confusion your son is going through. "For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are--yet he did not sin." I thank God with all my heart that his attempt to end his life was unsuccessful. That is wonderful!! The enemies lies have been exposed, keep praying!

JT 12/29/2015 23:00
I'm praying for all of you purely pampered. God hears your cries and He will never leave your side.
purelypampered 12/30/2015 08:36
Thank you so much for each of your prayers and for the scriptures to cling to-they mean so much more than I can express. Please continue to pray as we walk this journey.
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