WindFarm Prayer Requests

Judy's salvation
Dear DAB friends - My dear friends, Judy and Karen are nearing the end of challenging cancer bouts. They have fought a great fight, but the cancers appear to have won this battle. We know our savior is victorious in the end, and that's our request. Judy has resisted mention of Jesus and and won't receive His free gift. Karen nods, but doesn't fully acknowledge her acceptance. Please join us in praying that the strongholds of the enemy would be removed, and both would see the love and grace you have lavished upon them, so they might be ushered into the comfort of your heavenly angels, where we can meet again. Please also pray for the strength of their loved ones, who've endured multi-year roller coasters. It has been so hard, but so transformative, and answers to prayer were regularly evident in both of their journeys. Help us, Sweet Jesus, and DAB friends, to see and experience what you need for both Karen and Judy at this very difficult time. We are so very grateful for this community. God bless, Mary
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