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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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Judy's salvationMeme6312/04/20161  
EyesKingfisher12/30/2015412/31/2015 18:11JT
I don't want my marriage to end. Please, pray for my wife and I.Jason Diaz12/30/2015312/31/2015 18:10JT
Prayer for my auntTamika Bucknor12/30/2015212/31/2015 18:02JT
2015 has been remarkably hard on our family - seeking prayerlatemommy12/31/2015212/31/2015 18:01JT
Marital problemsJT12/25/2015812/31/2015 17:41JT
Family in crisis- how do we go forward?purelypampered12/28/2015512/30/2015 08:36purelypampered
Prayer for grandsons former employerKatherine White12/28/2015212/29/2015 23:02JT
Depressionskysong8312/29/2015212/29/2015 22:40JT
Please pray for our lost son!Linda Jordan12/29/2015212/29/2015 22:38JT
Desperate for prayer support in current issuesKatherine White12/28/2015312/29/2015 22:34JT
Pray for my son & his wife move back to Florida in 2016Denise Sentner12/30/2015212/29/2015 22:32JT
I feel so alone and lostIrma12/14/20151112/29/2015 00:19Jeffrey
(no subject)Aliyah Leffall12/24/2015412/28/2015 12:58Lewis
Moving soon..jacob12/23/2015412/28/2015 12:09Lewis
I have to lose weightSoloside12/11/2015812/28/2015 11:17Helovesme
Please for my brother ArturoJulio12/26/2015312/28/2015 04:52Katherine White
Traveling MerciesSwim_butterfly12/27/2015212/27/2015 17:44JT
prayer for God's will and healingjuan carlo abito12/23/2015312/24/2015 22:38JT
Praise and 2 prayer requests....JULIA MI12/23/2015212/24/2015 22:37JT
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