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I can't download the one year daily audio bibleJ Q08/21/20151  
Help Listening to the Daily word. It keeps stopping halfway.Heather02/03/2013508/10/2015 07:46Billy McLemore
Music too loud and distractingBrenda03/13/2013411/28/2014 18:17Fritters
wanting friendshipAnn11/06/2014411/28/2014 18:16Fritters
LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDINGTroy C.11/09/20102401/25/2014 09:01Debby
December 21 Proverb in Android / iOS AppsDave S. (DudleyGrunt)02/22/20131  
Proverbs LJ01/20/2010411/25/2012 12:04Kathy Lee
i want to be with my husbandjaez02/04/2012404/09/2012 22:20worric123
Can I download Daily audio proverb by a month?Keala01/23/20121  
Lying TongueRAHope4All11/03/2009411/30/2011 13:51Ray
May 30 and 31Leslie06/01/2011206/01/2011 23:13Helga
Fools Answer? ConfusionRAHope4All11/27/2009205/29/2011 05:33Katherine
Daily Audio ProverbsJody Martin01/19/2011403/17/2011 10:49Jeremiah
Romans 6Sharlene Pienaar01/28/2011301/31/2011 01:02Sharlene Pienaar
The power of our words and an oops in chap. 26Randall Osborne01/26/2010201/28/2011 14:47Sharlene Pienaar
PrideBernadette Oker07/13/2010401/28/2011 13:49Sharlene Pienaar
Women ForumWomanOfCourage12/02/2010412/20/2010 13:33Brenda_Loves_Jesus
Proverbs !5Troy C.11/18/2010311/26/2010 11:24WomanOfCourage
Psalm 23 and Proverbs 23 and alcohol and wantMark Cole07/31/2010511/21/2010 01:31Debra De Jong
Fear of The LORD. TonyN0910/15/20091411/08/2010 22:16Troy C.
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