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Hello from TexasChris12/22/2015212/22/2015 12:04JT
Hello fellow dabbersMichelle Grace12/03/2015212/04/2015 02:29JT
intruducing myselfSharon Hutton11/07/2015211/07/2015 04:10JT
Returning to try to connectCaribRose6509/30/2015510/08/2015 13:49CaribRose65
New to the community.Ian McNamara09/20/2015310/08/2015 10:33michael miletti
Praying to be a part of a CommunitySherry Moore01/07/2015710/02/2015 10:40Sherry Moore
newbie and what do you do when you get behind?Andi02/23/2015510/02/2015 08:45Chris
Newbie, former Atheist, seeking GodLilah03/05/2015608/19/2015 16:59slaveofjesus923
Need a little helpAnn08/05/2015208/09/2015 09:00JT
New here, hoping to find some family I can lean onAndrew Reed06/11/2015206/12/2015 12:55JT
Hello and please pray for meMike11/22/2014605/24/2015 08:20JT
New in this communitySandra Brandt02/26/2015302/27/2015 08:37Marcie in MO
Community Prayer January 24 2015Darren Gambrell02/03/2015202/15/2015 14:25Tom B
Greetings and name update!Marcie in MO02/13/2015202/15/2015 14:24Tom B
PrayerMarc Bellucci10/10/2014401/10/2015 08:48JT
Prodigal returningUKSteve01/07/2015301/10/2015 08:46JT
New to CommunityKathy Longwell10/13/2014501/10/2015 08:45JT
DAB RookieTreepose12/21/2014512/27/2014 14:20Treepose
The sincerity i heard on DAB has drawn me heretanji10/01/2014312/27/2014 01:13Scott
New to DAB FamilyChandra10/21/2014312/27/2014 01:11Scott
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