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"evil spirit from the LORD"LilaRose05/14/2014410/25/2015 07:36JT
Barabbas and PilateMarcie in MO03/10/2015303/26/2015 06:07Jayne
Conversations with GodTreepose01/27/2015702/10/2015 17:07Treepose
My Walk with JesusLynn03/17/2014802/10/2015 13:24Grace
Walking in the Spirit.Jan07/17/2014302/04/2015 13:50Grace
Gospel Vs. ScriptureTreepose12/22/2014812/26/2014 20:27JT
EncouragementKris10/09/2014510/16/2014 22:09Pamela
The FamilyJim Roberts09/27/2014209/27/2014 08:01Jim Roberts
Open the Gate & Step Out of the CourtAri05/02/2014209/09/2014 20:26Adrienne Germany
'Glorious Ruin' Book Discussion: Chapter 1 (and Intro)Ruin Explorer02/10/2014409/09/2014 20:10Adrienne Germany
Which gospel?wesrman11/12/20111809/07/2014 20:31OmniRedVT
David Counting the People - A Big Deal!Bryan Mills06/05/2014306/25/2014 20:34Debbie Richey
Group to exercise our bodies and our soulsChristopher Cantero06/25/20141  
" Be not deceived”TRWord02/06/2014405/18/2014 05:22TRWord
Does god plan when we die?skeffie01/28/2014504/15/2014 05:06Matteo Masiello
The body was created to heal itselfNiteStar04/14/20141  
An entertaining review of the film "Noah" and a fascinating one.Catholica03/31/20141  
'Glorious Ruin' Book Discussion: Chapter 2Ruin Explorer02/24/2014203/02/2014 20:58Ruin Explorer
Starting a book discussionRuin Explorer01/20/2014902/09/2014 18:42Ruin Explorer
How did Jethro get there?Ray02/04/2014202/05/2014 19:24Mike Mead
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