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anyon interested in chatting on regular basis?Ann11/11/2014410/23/2015 19:15Claire Stanniland
hello extended family...just reaching outjane marie09/02/2015710/23/2015 19:09Claire Stanniland
Where is Becky? Becky from Norway...now is the StatesBrother Larry10/04/20151  
Reframe Amazon OrderMaytag09/18/20151  
DAB Friends on FBAdrienne Lisa08/19/2015309/02/2015 07:35jane marie
Heartbeat of Plymouth/Penn TheatreMaytag08/06/20151  
Job Strugglesmrtray06/10/20151  
Brian's Prayer today 5/14Chris McLaughlin05/14/20151  
Prayers for BaltimoreTreepose04/28/20151  
PMW - Peace neededDeb Okonsukwa04/16/20151  
Play Ball!Lanny Carlson03/25/20151  
Time to 'Pass It Forward'Claire Stanniland11/16/2014302/25/2015 18:36Claire Stanniland
Yet To Receive Promise Land CDBukinuga02/02/2015302/15/2015 07:42Bukinuga
A song that really hit my heart today. Share one of yoursJohn (Yuahan) smith04/16/2014502/12/2015 12:51Blake Puckett
comment on today’s scriptureMe O Mom01/28/2015302/02/2015 08:07Bukinuga
Women's ConferenceTreepose01/19/20151  
10 years DAB !!!John (Yuahan) smith01/01/20151  
What Worship Song is encouraging you now?John (Yuahan) smith11/21/20131711/24/2014 12:37GodB4Me
Going into ministry... LIGHT for MIAri10/22/20141  
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