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Praisemyshawnbooker10/06/2015212/04/2015 06:02Daisy Gloria
so thankfuljane marie09/02/20151  
Radically ChangedAri12/31/2014206/05/2015 14:21Zach
Health Issues and Passion RevealedKimmie06/03/20151  
Jesus provided for my glassesDeborah04/18/20151  
Storm ReportTimothy03/26/2015203/26/2015 06:11Jayne
Christ mas Joy in the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus ChristR.J. from Laguna Beach12/20/2014212/20/2014 08:32JT
Thank you for the DABKris11/27/2014211/28/2014 09:21JT
God is goodDeb10/19/20141  
Praise the Lord!nick10/17/20141  
This is the Year of Jubilee!Ari01/04/2014208/03/2014 01:33Shell Morphy
what are you waiting for? 7.23.14Me O Mom07/25/20141  
BreakthroughMillie07/13/2014307/13/2014 10:07Tamarie
Another "Baby Catholica"Catholica03/03/2014204/24/2014 21:21Davidwayne Lackey
So grateful!Pilgie04/24/2014204/24/2014 21:17Davidwayne Lackey
MY FRIEND LIVES!!!!!!!!Tonielle09/23/2013411/30/2013 08:46Sharron
Cancer Gone!Sharron11/30/20131  
PRAISE! DAB FOCUSJames Griffey11/05/20131  
Happy Birthday to my Uncle Brent!Laura10/10/20131  
MY FRIEND LIVES!!!!!!!!Tonielle09/23/20131  
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