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Fantastic result for one of my friends working with girls in Cambodia :-)jackoslife07/23/2011207/23/2011 16:31jackoslife
How Can This Be?George Grosvenor11/04/2009412/24/2010 00:04Jake Van Horn
Prayer in the Brothels of Mumbai, India (Current Missionary Report)Craig from Illinois10/03/2010310/10/2010 07:48Craig from Illinois
The Body Shopjackoslife07/31/2010408/03/2010 22:22jackoslife
GEMS Girls Education and Mentoring ServicesShay08/03/20101  
My new friend Wallyjackoslife07/31/2010207/31/2010 13:33jackoslife
Benji Nolot - Exodus Cry/Nefarioius UpdateCraig from Illinois07/29/20101  
Stop The Traffik Christmas chocolate campaignClaire Stanniland12/10/2009206/21/2010 14:18jackoslife
The Pope's Intentions for May 2010Catholica05/12/20101  
maybe it's his plan that his church do moreRay05/06/20101  
TED Talk - Sunitha KrishnanCraig from Illinois03/08/20101  
YWAM outreach for Human TraffickingMichaelJosh02/18/2010202/18/2010 09:20MichaelJosh
Love 146 and Project RescuePATRICK02/16/2010202/17/2010 16:15Todd Tiedeman
Coffee phillip02/13/20101  
Traffic: The 2010 Winter Olympics in VancouverTodd Tiedeman02/06/20101  
What coarseness is the Windfarm coffee?Todd Tiedeman01/08/2010302/03/2010 15:18Todd Tiedeman
Reaction to the "WINDFARM TRAFFIC EVENT"Craig from Illinois01/27/2010701/27/2010 23:58John (Yuahan) smith
Giving through DABkspark12/15/2009701/22/2010 10:55David Derman
South AfricaBrian Hardin11/03/20091401/20/2010 23:02Helga
Embracing God's Heart for Human Trafficking: Fulfilling the Second Greatest Commandment - Benji NolotCraig from Illinois01/19/20101  
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