The Songs that Brian Plays


Information on the songs that get played from time to time on the DAB.

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Haunting Christmas Story Song by female voice_Irish style_DAB 12/20/2015janetjam7712/21/2015212/24/2015 10:01annabel foery
Sara Grovesmichael miletti11/26/20151  
Song on 11-06-15sinner2Saved11/06/2015311/18/2015 04:53sinner2Saved
September 7thJulie Ford09/13/20151  
Artist played recentlyRick Siner02/08/2015302/11/2015 10:08Marcie in MO
October 16,2014 SongWalter11/18/20141  
Song from Sept 23 podcast ending, does anyone know?mizzip09/23/2014209/24/2014 08:07Tamarie
August 29th end song on Holy Spiritellju09/06/2014209/09/2014 02:00Lex
August 6thD C08/26/20141  
March 8th song??Heidi Adams05/13/20141  
Song Played April 20LWP04/20/20141  
Song from March 29 podcastChris Clement04/02/2014304/04/2014 12:55Chris Clement
March 10 2014 songHarvey Sponaugle03/24/20141  
Song played 2/28/14pamt78903/06/20141  
Song from DAB Feb 19, 2014Brian Meyers Jr.02/19/2014503/05/2014 11:44pamt789
"They'll know we are Christians by our love"GodB4Me02/22/2014303/04/2014 00:03Zack G
Song played Jan. 18, 2014Jo01/18/20141  
song played dec 8Thomas Boyd01/03/2014201/06/2014 18:41Stacy
Songs throughout the last of December, including Dec. 31Jo12/31/2013212/31/2013 08:32Jo
Little Drummer BoyDavid Bullock12/27/20131  
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