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Subtly, knowing that The Long Walk always keeps going...Calico07/09/20101307/08/2011 14:09Tammy
Illinois ExperienceCraig from Illinois07/08/20101010/10/2010 20:40John T
finally got mine doneJohn (Yuahan) smith08/03/2010308/03/2010 21:37Craig from Illinois
A (long) city-walkRosanne07/27/2010307/28/2010 07:43jackoslife
Walking back a lifetime.jackoslife07/09/2010707/19/2010 13:54in His name
still need to do mine. John (Yuahan) smith07/15/2010307/19/2010 13:09Rosanne
My Long WalkClaire Stanniland07/15/2010407/16/2010 09:42Leslie
My first Long WalkPhyllis in Ukraine07/14/2010307/14/2010 20:08Craig from Illinois
My 7-7 dayRuss07/13/2010307/13/2010 09:09Jason
Long driveJason07/08/2010807/13/2010 09:08Jason
Long listen to GodMatthew Epperson07/10/2010307/11/2010 20:18Olga a.k.a. olechka4480
Long Walk learning from a tree, Hudsonville, MIEllen Alderink07/08/2010707/11/2010 06:37Phyllis in Ukraine
Uploading pictures from the long walk???dcplayback07/11/2010207/10/2010 23:02Brian Hardin
A walk by the sea, and a walk in a parkMichaela07/10/2010507/10/2010 18:41Cabingirl
Waterfalls and Beaches- Munising, MICabingirl07/07/20101807/10/2010 13:50Cabingirl
Long listen to GodMatthew Epperson07/10/2010207/10/2010 09:03Brian Hardin
Long Walk - PreludeBonnie07/09/2010407/10/2010 00:15jackoslife
Los Angeles: Long Walk & Short Earthquake :)Olga a.k.a. olechka448007/08/2010807/09/2010 20:56Olga a.k.a. olechka4480
My Long Walk (or should I say extreme tests!) in the beautiful hill country of Texas Jenna in Austin07/08/2010707/09/2010 18:45jackoslife
Bay/Beach walk in San DiegoSilvia07/07/2010507/09/2010 18:30jackoslife
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