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The kingdom of God is for the gullible ?Davidwayne Lackey12/21/2015212/22/2015 12:07JT
At ChristmasDavidwayne Lackey12/11/20151  
The Bad NewsDavidwayne Lackey12/07/20151  
“decibel drag racers”Davidwayne Lackey12/07/20151  
PAUL’S TAKE ON CHRISTMAS – PART THREEDavidwayne Lackey12/05/20151  
PAUL’S TAKE ON CHRISTMAS – PART TWODavidwayne Lackey12/03/20151  
PAUL’S TAKE ON CHRISTMAS – PART ONEDavidwayne Lackey12/03/20151  
THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT--GENTLENESSDavidwayne Lackey11/11/20151  
A NEW CREATIONDavidwayne Lackey10/22/2015210/22/2015 04:53JT
PREVAILING POWERDavidwayne Lackey10/19/20151  
MAKING A COVENANT WITH GODDavidwayne Lackey10/18/20151  
MY BROTHER!Davidwayne Lackey10/10/20151  
GOD'S RESTORING LOVEDavidwayne Lackey10/07/2015210/08/2015 14:03CaribRose65
The Altar of AgeDavidwayne Lackey10/05/20151  
Easter in AcademiaDavidwayne Lackey10/04/2015310/04/2015 20:49Davidwayne Lackey
Den of ThievesDavidwayne Lackey10/02/2015210/04/2015 05:19Helga
Blind leading the blindDavidwayne Lackey09/23/20151  
AmsterdamDavidwayne Lackey09/21/20151  
GRIEVING IS A PROCESSDavidwayne Lackey09/14/20151  
Terror TacticsDavidwayne Lackey09/11/20151  
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