LONG WALK 2011 Stories


Each July 7 we go for a long walk with God alone but together. These are the stories from 2011

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Past, Present FutureChris Chapan07/08/2011710/26/2011 13:51Avis
Better Late than NeverCabingirl07/13/2011307/23/2011 12:25Cabingirl
My Long Walk in Colorado Springs.Tammy07/08/2011407/11/2011 12:52Tammy
Long Walk in AustraliaMattanniah07/11/20111  
Rock and ShelterHazCabz07/09/2011307/11/2011 08:06deborah
Wild Beauty - Long Walk 2011Bonnie07/11/2011207/11/2011 07:54deborah
Long, hot walk in TexasMillynne Brown07/11/2011207/11/2011 07:37deborah
A story in Tallmadge, OhioDustin07/08/2011707/10/2011 22:33Millynne Brown
Beauty in the cityTonimony07/07/2011407/10/2011 22:31Millynne Brown
Taking time with a friendTeresa07/07/2011707/10/2011 22:19Millynne Brown
My walk with God in His ParkIrma07/09/2011307/10/2011 22:13Millynne Brown
This Year's Long WalkClaire Stanniland07/09/2011307/10/2011 22:11Millynne Brown
7-7-11deborah07/10/2011307/10/2011 22:08Millynne Brown
Long Walk in Las Vegas, NevadaKimberly Schjang07/07/2011407/10/2011 01:09Kimberly Schjang
The rolling hills of SatffordshireUKSteve07/08/2011507/09/2011 08:00Leslie
THE FLICKR PHOTO PAGE FOR LONG WALK 2011Brian Hardin07/09/20111  
Picture of CertificateChris Chapan07/08/2011307/08/2011 20:12Cabingirl
Long Walk on Riley Trails, Holland, MichiganEllen Alderink07/08/2011307/08/2011 16:35Chris Chapan
Renewal, re-dedication, and encouragement!Daniel Johnson Jr07/07/2011307/08/2011 14:25Tammy
7/7/11AuntT07/07/2011407/08/2011 14:21Tammy
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