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WEEK 2 SPIRITUAL WARFAREBrian Hardin07/17/20112606/01/2015 01:04Monica Mary
What is "The Fight For Life" and where might I be able to find it?Matt01/05/2015201/05/2015 16:50Matt
Where can I find Fight for Life?Tom11/30/2013701/04/2015 17:45Wrightone
How Can I find this class?Minta07/12/2011504/13/2014 03:29Matthew Ceaser
Was there a Week 6?Dorothy Sloan10/24/2011404/06/2012 16:21Leinahtan
itunes?Ray07/15/2011701/08/2012 22:53Cynthia McDOnald
Week 5 DiscussionTom B08/09/20111610/19/2011 14:11Ray
ongoing discussion from Fight for Life Virtual ClassChristine Luketic08/09/20111210/08/2011 15:56Tammy
WEEK 1 FINDING FREEDOMBrian Hardin07/09/20112808/13/2011 06:10Ray
Week 2 Spiritual WarfareLadyjds08/02/2011408/10/2011 21:24Tom B
Week 2 Spiritual WarfareLadyjds08/07/20111  
WEEK 4 THE MAJOR THEMEBrian Hardin08/02/2011508/04/2011 23:33Ray
WEEK 3 THE MINOR THEMEBrian Hardin07/20/20111507/25/2011 23:28Calico
I never thought of it in this way!Mimi07/10/2011207/16/2011 18:02Tammy