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Men.  Valliant. Courageous. Lionhearted.  Men carry upon their shoulders the burden of leading the Kingdom forward but so often we find ourselves isolated.  This is a community area for men only.  Here you can find out what's going in the community for men, get involved in the men only discussion forums and chat with other men without the ladies present.


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To access the forums simply click the FORUMS link on the home page or access the forums here in the Community area of the site. Once you are subscribed and approved the Men's forums will simply show up among the other forums. If you're not subscribed or approved for a forum you simply won't see it at all.

The Men Only Chatroom works the same as the forums. Once you are a member of the men's group you can click CHAT on the home page or here in the Community section and you will be taken to the chatroom. You'll see a list of the chatrooms that you have access to. One of them will be for men only. If you are not a member of the men's group you simply won't see it at all.


Men's Events


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Wild at Heart Bootcamp - Crooked Creek Ranch, Frasier, CO

January 29 - February 1, 2015. Brian along with 14 other men from the Daily Audio Bible community will join several hundred other men from around the world to participate in Ransomed Heart's Wild at Heart Bootcamp with author John Eldredge and team.  This event will take place at Crooked Creek Ranch in Frasier, CO.  Click here for more info, however, if you want to attend with Brian and the other DAB men you must first register here on the DAB website BEFORE entering the lottery at Ransomed Heart.  The Daily Audio Bible has a special arrangement with Ransomed Heart to bypass their lottery system.

PLEASE NOTE (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) once you've registered here to be in the DAB men's room you need to immediately go HERE and register an account at the Ransomed Heart website so that you can be located.  You will receive further instructions ONLY IF YOU HAVE ALSO REGISTERED A USER ACCOUNT AT RANSOMED HEART.


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