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"From now on I will tell you of new things, of hidden things unknown to you.   Isaiah 48:6

New relationships. New temptations. New lives. The Daily Audio Bible and its college community is one constant and is impervious to time and place; we are where you are. Walk with other students living intentionally by discovering their identities in Christ. Through persistent and in-depth exposure to the Word of God with the Daily Audio Bible we come to learn hidden things about ourselves that were previously unknown. By meeting with one another in the College area, we unveil our God-given gifts, personality traits, love languages and skills. Together we discuss our passions, fears and struggles in context of the Bible. Regardless of our majors and vocations, our pursuits veer toward the Kingdom.

Meet here at the chatroom and in the forums and to learn of upcoming events, scheduled chats, and other general DAB news.



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