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At the Daily Audio Bible we couldn't love kids more than we do.  There's a reason.  They're the future.  That's not a cliche'.  They are actually the ones who will one day hold the reins of leadership in this world.  Those kids that are running off to pre-school, elementary or middle school each morning will so quickly be running off to the office, the hospital, the courthouse or even the White House.  Somebody in elementary school right now will one day lead this nation.


That's reason enough to love our kids and do everything we can to expose them to the Bible but it's only part of a greater reason.  Those same kids are the hope of the Kingdom.  We will one day hand over to them the banner and the Kingdom of God will be theirs to advance in this world.  How can that happen if they don't know what they're supposed to do?


For this reason we launched Daily Audio Bible Kids in 2009.  China Hardin (Brian's daughter) felt like God was inviting her behind the microphone to read the New Testament for kids around the world and that's exactly what's happened.  DABK has traversed the globe and is being used in Christian schools, home schooling programs, bedtime devotions, in the car on the way to class and everything in between.  Emails and phone calls have come in from every continent and parents with kids of all ages have reported an increased desire for the Word of God in their children's lives.  This is very good news.


We've created a place just for kids at  It's a place for kids to discuss what's going on in their lives, share with each other and create friendships in a safe and nurturing environment.  We've employed strict controls on the site to protect kids from outside interference and we monitor it constantly.  We encourage parents to be actively involved in the process because we believe inside the boundaries of community is safety.


In the future we plan to continue pressing the boundaries of technology as we seek to provide the best resources possible for kids.

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