Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible and the WindFarm community.  It's an honor to have you here and we feel quite confident that if you stick around you'll find the place incredibly friendly.  You're likely to meet people from all over the world here but everyone has a common interest in the Bible.  If you've made it to this site you're probably well aware that this is a community dedicated to spending a year together in the Bible and reading it from cover to cover.  We've found that doing this changes so much.  The world just doesn't look the same after this experience and we've found that doing it in community with tens of thousands of others around the world is an incredibly rewarding experience.


This website is your portal to communicating with others.  You can visit the Prayer Room for a prayer shift as we work our way to praying "around the world, around the clock," you can chat with friends, jump into the forums and enjoy conversation on a variety of topics or visit the store for some of our additional resources.  If you'll take your time you can tour the whole site in about an hour and when you do, you will know everything that we believe and why we're here.  You'll find your place and a context for community here.


We've created several training videos here in the help section to guide you through each part of the site.  Watch these first and then go for a stroll.


Welcome to the community.

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