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The Daily Audio Bible wasn't built on money.  It was built on the premise that the Bible has a voice and if allowed to, it can speak for itself and create irreversible change if one exposes their lives to its truths daily.  This is what has drawn a global community of tens of thousands like a magnet.  With that said it certainly does take substantial financial resources to maintain an operation like this and to consider the future ways in which God will allow us to resource and expand the daily use of Scripture in the world. 

The simple reality is it's going to take more than dollars, euros, pounds and rupees to accomplish this task.  Those of you who desire to give to this cause but are unable or those of you who have given so freely of what God has allowed you to steward but want to go deeper should know that a canopy of prayer over this ministry raised up by the community and maintained without ceasing is going to go a lot further than money alone.  Money is a resource to get financial things done.  Prayer is a resource that moves the Heavens and grants favor in stretching every dollar into two and every word of influence into thundering realities.  Your prayers matter and matter greatly.

Please consider praying fervently for the Daily Audio Bible and its continued influence wherever God's spoken Word is heard.  Pray for the safety of all involved in creating this platform.  Pray for resources to abound both financially and in favor as we continue to march into territory never seen before technologically.  Pray that irreversible change continues to be the normal outcome in a person’s life when they come into contact with the Bible and commit to it daily. Pray that every breath we take and every word we speak here is a beautiful act of worship to God.

Consider enlisting for prayer shifts in the WindFarm Prayer Room as we raise up prayer and worship around the world, around the clock and plant a beacon on the internet that will allow the weary and thirsty a safe haven with real, live people waiting to minister to them no matter where they are in the world.

Join or create your own, "street team" to pass out DAB postcards and other printed materials that invite the lost and the nominal Christian alike to experience what the Bible can actually do in a person's life in the space of one year.

Strategize ways that you can impact your neighborhood, community, town and region using the Daily Audio Bible as a resource and tell us how you're doing it so that we can celebrate and share the news.

There is no limit to what a person can do when they're sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and are committed to sowing back into the lives of others what was freely sown into our own.  As you can see, it certainly takes financial resources to maintain and grow what we've been given to steward but it takes so much more.  No one is excluded.

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