Giving FAQ

Do all of my donations directly support the Daily Audio Bible?

Yes.  No matter the amount of your pledge, one hundred percent of the funds go directly to the Daily Audio Bible and are fully tax deductible. This includes operations, missional efforts, resource development, around the world, around the clock worship and intercession through the WindFarm Prayer Room and the day in and day out deployment of the spoken Word of God throughout the world.

Do I have to give monthly or can I give my yearly gift in one lump sum?

You can give your yearly contribution as a lump sum or break it down to monthly or quarterly donations. You will be given these options during the donation process.

Can I have the Daily Audio Bible automatically debit my bank account or credit card each month?

Yes we can automatically debit your credit card each month. But no, we cannot currently do bank account deductions, However, you can easily set up automatic recurring payments with your bank.

Can I change the amount of my monthly gift?

Yes, after logging in to the website with your username and password you can access the My Area section to edit your account; your next deduction will reflect this.

Can I choose a date for my donations to be deducted?

Whatever day you sign up to contribute will become the day of the month that your contribution is deducted. For instance, if you enter your card details on July 15, your deduction will always be within a few days of the 15th (allowing for weekends, holidays, etc). If you would like a specific date, please contact our Partners office for assistance.

Do I have to give online?  I'm a little afraid of that.

No, if you prefer you can mail your contribution.  The system that the Daily Audio Bible and the network it is on utilizes for taking contributions comes from the banking industry and is therefore about as secure as your online banking system is.  The network and the credit card companies both rigorously watch their respective systems.  Your information is very secure.

If you prefer, the mailing address is

Daily Audio Bible
PO Box 1996
Spring Hill, TN 37174 USA

If I'm sending in a check how should I make it out?

Please make checks payable to, "Daily Audio Bible."

Is my contribution tax-deductible and if so will I receive a giving statement?

Yes, your contributions are fully tax-deductible.  We will automatically generate your yearly giving statement at the close of each year. It will be mailed to you by February of the following year.

Why do the donations I have sent by check not reflect in the "My Area" section? Did you receive them?

Yes, they are received and reflected in an offline accounting system/  You will receive full record of them in your end of year tax statement. We are only able to show dynamically online what is given online.

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