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Fresh Ground Mission

You can't get a better cup of coffee or tea than this.  Why?

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Our gourmet coffees and premium teas are exclusively roasted and blended for the Daily Audio Bible family.  Each single origin or varietal coffee is certified fair trade, delicious and surprisingly full bodied. Our teas are fresh packed after being aged to perfection.  This is absolutely not your basic, "off the shelf" grocery store coffee or tea.  The coffees are roasted separately and blended after roasting to ensure each coffee contributes its individual flavor characteristics and not just a style of roast. The teas taste of the region of the world they come from balancing fruits, flowers, earth and life itself.

The decaf version of our coffee is a Swiss Water processed decaf, which means no chemicals were used to decaffeinate it and it's certified Fair Trade™ as well.   It's a Mexican coffee from Chiapas that has a medium to full bodied mouth feel with some chocolate notes and a clean finish. It’s an exceptional decaf and an exceptional single origin coffee. It flat out tastes as good or better than many traditional non-decaf coffees.


The most important thing to remember about all of this is that these beans and teas are carefully selected, blended, aged and roasted to perfection for one common reason : The Mission.


Why sell coffee and tea here? Because the majority of us consume these each day already.  Since we're going to consume it anyway it creates a win-win way to harvest dollars for the missional work of the Daily Audio Bible.  What does this mean?   It means that as a community we sow financial and physical resources into things like supporting our missionaries, sustaining the foreign language development and deployment of the DAB, planting and modeling community through initiatives like the WindFarm Cafe and continued work in Rwanda.  It means that we can have people constantly searching out new ways and new technologies to bring the spoken Word of God to those who do not have the things that we take for granted.  It means that we live out our faith as a community in a way that seeks out the least of these.  In a very authentic way, each cup of this coffee and tea is one step forward toward the mission.


Regular or decaf, ground or whole bean options as well as the best premium teas are available and are shipped directly to you from the rolling hills of Tennessee.

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