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The recent earthquake and utter devastation of Port Au Prince has left the world somewhat in shock.  We stay glued to the coverage and most of us have no real way to imagine the scope of a disaster like this.  I want to remind us that we're not powerless.  We can (and should) sow money into the lives of those starting over but we actually have more to offer than cash.

In this photograph of ruin and devastation may very well be a brother or a sister in Christ.  Maybe it's the lady in the foreground or a man in the distant background.  The Body of Christ is not limited to wherever we are at any given moment and we have not only the authority of the Kingdom but the command of the Kingdom to pray for these people who are facing first the shock of utter destruction and secondly the prospects of starting over.  If we begin to pray now earnestly, fervently and faithfully this starting over that must happen can be one in which old foundations have crumbled and new ones both spiritually and physically can be built.

What we're seeing on our TV screens and computer monitors echoes the Old Testament fall of Jerusalem and the exile of the Israelites.  Although this is not brought on by war it gives us a real life visual of everything falling and a new beginning forced upon a people.  This is hard stuff but there will be beauty in the ashes.  This is an opportunity for us to pray and allow the Holy Spirit to let us FEEL what they are feeling.  We can shoulder some of the load.  Open your hearts to what Jesus is doing in Haiti even in the midst of severe hardship.

I've prayed this through and do not feel that the Holy Spirit is leading the Daily Audio BIble to start a Haitian fund.  There are things we are supposed to be a part of and others that aren't our assignment.  HERE'S WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO.  Jill and I have a close associate who has been working in Haiti on the ground well before this disaster.  They have an actual grasp on what is going on.  We're personally making a contribution to this effort from our family but also making as generous a contribution as we can in the name of the Daily Audio Bible family.  If you feel compelled to be a part of this, make a general donation to the Daily Audio BIble.  We often support and give to things that we make no fanfare about.  This is one of those times.  We're standing together to do what we can and we need no press release to do it.

Please pray that new foundations are laid and that any demonic rule is broken through this.  That is not to say that I feel this calamity is God's judgment on this country.  Haiti is actually a beautiful land that belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Pray for Gods Kingdom to come through this knowing that hardship opens our hearts both as we observe the struggle and as they endure it.

Onward Comrades.
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Brian Hardin, 1/14/2010

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