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The Scriptures teach us many principles.  One that has stuck deep into the fiber of the DAB community is the idea that we need to remember what God has done.  This is why we encourage journaling but it's also why we look forward to celebrating the few traditions that have emerged over the years we've been journeying through the Bible together.  One such tradition is the Daily Audio Bible Long Walk.



Conceptually it's very simple.  Every July 7 as a community we take the day off from work and other obligations and responsibilities and give the day to walking with God.  It sounds so profoundly simple and yet it's something rarely done.  When was the last time you took a full day and unplugged completely in order to give the time fully and uninterrupted to God?  And even that isn't quite right because that makes it seem like a hardship or sacrifice.  It's not.   Imagine that the creator of all wants a day away with you in order to hear the deepest parts of your heart and to speak back deeply.  It's there for the taking.  July 7 is just a day we choose to do it together.



Arrange to have the day cleared of obligations and responsibilities.  Go somewhere beautiful where you can enjoy the peace that nature provides.  Perhaps pack a lunch.  Some canoe or kayak, some hike or take a long walk, some take a long drive.  How you do it isn't important but it is important that you carve out uninterrupted time and go somewhere that you find beautiful.  Drink deep of the beauty that God has created and begin to simply pour out your heart.  Say everything you need to say and take the time to say it all.  Then in the serenity of the beauty that God has created begin to listen as He speaks back.  This is what life is supposed to be like.  This is a day we set aside to walk with God.

Journal during the day if you can.  You'll want to remember what you are feeling and perhaps even what God is speaking to you.  It's amazing to refer back to these times years later and see the faithfulness of God in our lives.  Take pictures.  They say 1000 words.  Perhaps take some video of the beauty you are surrounded by.



Once your day comes to a close come to the forums and share your story.  Tell everyone what your day was like, perhaps link to some of the photos or videos you took.  This has been one of the richest things we've done that allows us all to have a peek into each others lives and find encouragement by each others stories.



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