August 3, 2008

The sign on the side of the church said, "Have faith (even when you're not in a foxhole)." I think that's about right. I have a love/hate relationship with church signs. Sometimes I read them and cringe because they either embarrass me or demonstrate how hopelessly out of touch we can be as Christian's sometimes. I saw one that said, "sinners welcome," not too long ago and although I suppose whoever put it up thought it was edgy and inviting I have to confess that were I the targeted sinner I would have had to take a pass for fear that if I were a visitor it would be clearly assumed that I was THE sinner . And not just a vanilla sinner either. A real bad sinner. I digress.

Exercising our faith when we're in a foxhole is the easy part. When you're holding on for dear life and all you have is God it's definitely traumatic but life boils down to the essentials doesn't it? The hard part is holding onto Jesus when everything is smooth and successful. That's also the sad part.

I'm going home to Nashville tomorrow. It's been a great week of decompressing and seeking. Tonight I find myself in Branson, MO. I know there is something important about this place because everyone and their brother seems to be here but I can't figure it out at the moment. I spent time today with our moderator Jason and his wife. He's gotten hammered pretty hard over the last few weeks. Sort of a full court press. He's doing this right though. He's taking the position that God is sovereign and in the end He will show up. This isn't always easy friends. I know you know that all too well. So often when we face obstacles we start thrashing about and work ourselves into a lather that destroys peace and keeps us pacing the floors deep into the night, Those of you who've had lifeguard training know that the most dangerous and difficult part of rescuing a drowning person is panic. Panic makes them thrash and clutch in an adrenaline induced craze jeopardizing not only their own life but that of the rescuer. The real way to survive if you are drowning and a lifeguard comes to the rescue is to relax.

Those of you who find yourself in a panic this week can take a lesson from Jason. If ever there was reason to freak in his life it would be now. He's not. He's at the end of himself. And do you know what? Jesus will show up. It's what He came to do. I learned a word last year in Brazil: Helashe. It means, "relax." That seems to be the word for the week. What is it the Scriptures say? "Be still and know I am God?" Relax, He will show up. You will not be abandoned. You are not alone. There is a lot more going on than we can presently see. Relax. Your story is not complete. Relax and know He is God. I love you all.

Onward Comrades,


Brian Hardin, 7/3/2008 1