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We've had a lot of homes since we launched this ministry in 2006.  Each one was cozy and was really "us," but about the time we got moved in we'd outgrown our virtual space once again and had to start looking.  In some cases we did an expansion project and added a room off the back or a new front end and all the while the love and care was there.  This year the Lord seemed to be saying, "Release and Complete" over our efforts for 2009 and in late February ground was broken for our permanent home.  For the first time we've built something from the ground up and it's totally ours with room to grow.  I know, I know it's just a website but to a virtual community like ours it's where we meet, talk, laugh and love one another.  This is our place.  It's where we bring our friends and loved ones and it's finally suited to where we are right now with an eye toward the future.  This little project became a big one really quick once we got into it a little and it forced me to re-think just about everything in the process.  This has been so helpful though.  I feel like we've made a very solid statement for the years to come and once again we've managed to grow but keep our small time sensibilities in focus and Jesus at the absolute center of everything we do.  Enjoy your new home.  We're going to be here for a long time.

Onward Comrades,
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Brian Hardin, 10/6/2009

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