Windfarm Confirmation of Vision

I wanted to share something that God confirmed to me in His sometimes comical anonymous way…. It is comical, please understand that I’m not sharing this to make light of the vision…. Which I am in complete agreement with.  Quite the contrary, I firmly believe that there is no greater call than to spread God’s Truth in these days of relativity and pluralism…..

I’m brand new to Daily Audio Bible perhaps a week or so, and its pulled me back on track, saving or rather losing my life so that He might live through me….  I listened to all that I could find on the Wind-Farm Last Thursday night, my heart burned like fire when I listened to Brian's journey through New England…. My favorite ski Area is called Wild-Cat, which offers an unparalleled view of the Mount  Washington and the entire presidential range…..   Oh four winds fill these dry bones, oh that this can now be a reality…..  The unknown soldiers, wow, what a vision seeing them brought to life in glorified bodies….. Then the fact the Holy Spirit lead to the Catholic Church, huge, huge, huge is all I can say…… Let us all find Christ forgetting all about our self proclaimed Doctrinal disputes….. His blood that washes us every day, and leads us in paths of His righteousness…. We had a powerful night of revelation and prayer over this vision, I could not sleep just going over in my heart and mind and spirit what is currently unfolding,  what will it look like when millions of people pray in agreement , even some of them from New England!!!!!! Dry bones,  please breath here and push back the darkness of Witchcraft and every foul thing that sets itself against Christ… Holy Spirit come breathe new life in us bring Revival in this heart and all the hearts of your people…

I was so taken by Brian's comments in the airport where every attempt to put God in a box is somehow retrofitted into the context of one's own life , and that every time you do that God blows it up……  

I expected slight opposition to this, so was not surprised when we woke up Friday morning with 2” water in our completely finished in-law apartment ,  the hot water heater failed….. Well isn’t it interesting that what the enemy meant for harm is thwarted as God is turning it into confirmation….. He blew up my work,  done in pride,  my attempt to help my wife’s Mom ,  that somehow I (the recovering-alcoholic husband) would be approved of in their sight, if I created a perfect place for her to retire in…… Poooof---trashed!! 

Trying to stay in peace we called the local pro’s for such cleanup tasks….  As the chaos ensued for ¾ of the day and I was exhausted just about to start complaining, what do I see but three guys coming around the corner holding several electric fans each, my heart went on fire again, and I started to laugh……. WindFarm…….yes…….WindFarm,,,, Windfarm in my basement restoring our apartment, cleansing it of my pride…… Confirming the Windfarm in my heart once again….

Well I hope that somehow this little personal testimony blesses you when you are tired, know that the Vision is embraced even in New England…. God bless your faithfulness to the calling…. Know that New England can be a lonely unapproachable place, “your're welcome at my fire any time”  quote from the Man From Snowy River ….

God Bless my Brother in Christ,

Rick Humphrey


Richard Humphrey, 10/26/2009

Brian Hardin 10/29/2009 18:15
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